We are delighted to collaborate with London Bermondsey Street's newest cocktail bar and Asian grill. Customers will be in the presence of work by some of the globe’s most exciting contemporary artists! A mix of fine art, photography, sculpture, graphic art, street art and illustration will be exhibited quarterly to compliment the positive vibes and energised ethos of The Last Talisman.

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Maxim is a contemporary British artist known for his outstanding paintings, sculptures, and ceramics. A member of the hard-hitting British band The Prodigy, known for his fierce lyrics and vibrant sense of style, in both their videos and their explosive live shows. Maxim has more recently become known for his creativity as an artist under the pseudonym of MM. Over several years he has displayed his mixed media artworks in various exhibitions across the world. The paintings are a journey into Maxim’s mind and have a surreal edge that takes you somewhere deep into his imagination. Certain pieces show rebellion, and the rise of the underdog and the weak. Signs of strength and positivity run deep throughout his work.

Illuminated Rock



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Saint Saturday is a Vancouver-based artist and designer. His creative production covers a range of media to address the paradoxical themes that define humanity. Such as the way destruction leads to creation, or how strength can arise from adversity. Inspired by the apocalyptic intensity of opposite forces, his work presents complex moods — raw power and vulnerability, love and sorrow, divinity and doom, memory and moment, and the tidal sweep of identity and culture in a world that is both beautiful and brutal. He invites wild emotion and speculative contemplation in the same breath, challenging the audience to reflect upon themselves in the space between.

Green Leaves
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Gustavo Amaral is a Brazilian artist who creates photographic collages that explore the human form. His works capture simultaneously the body in its external form, and the inner emotions and psyche that exist beneath its shell. Gustavo Amaral weaves, glues and sews the fragmentation of himself in paper, fabric and textures. Using his own photographs and images from old magazines and books, the artist interprets personal feelings in his collages. Themes such as the human body, emotions, nature, architecture and the collective consciousness are prominent throughout his work.