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Fine Art 


Nikko Saturnus Mercialo (Saint Saturday) is a Vancouver based painter. 


Known to the art world as Saint Saturday, Mercialo confronts complex themes of duality, identity, death and change — destruction leading to creation, the way strength and beauty arise from adversity, the layers of our humanity contrasted by the godlike sense of isolation we’ve created through technology, or the tidal sweep of culture with a world that is both beautiful and brutal. 

His work unites the dark opulence of baroque tradition with visceral modern abstraction and psychedelic qualities. Lavish figures blend through apocalyptic vistas of mythological intensity that are simultaneously atmospheric and incendiary. Subjects stand isolated yet immediate, like the portraits of saints. Lovely objects are suffused with a tangible sense of menace — something to be held high and celebrated, but that might sink its teeth into you if you’re not careful. 

Mercialo is a cultural facilitator, forging new connections between fine art, design, philosophy, technology and industry. Innovation is always the motive. He is the co-founder of Mythology Media, and his fine art is represented in collections world-wide. He aims to foster deep emotion and speculative contemplation in the same breath, inviting viewers to discover themselves in the space between.

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