43.5 cm x 38 cm

Oil on panel

Framed in a black floater frame

In Your Hands, III By Helene Planquelle

  • Hélène Planquelle is a young emerging artist to watch! Born in Paris, her passions and interests take root in humanity, classical literature and philosophy. To her, determination is the key to knowledge and self-improvement; and it is that spirit that led her to develop her practice entirely as a self-taught artist. A fierce advocate of figuration, her work draws on man's ancestral need for storytelling. As art is not so much about finding answers but raising questions; Hélène’s work deliberately looks for ambiguity, uncertainty and multiple meanings. With truth and authenticity at the core of her values, Hélène Planquelle aims at nothing less than for her work to spark genuine emotions, which are often the start of open-hearted conversations about existential issues.