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Fine Artist 


Born in Colombia in 1989, of Italian descent, Marcello Castellani is a painter, focusing on abstracted portraits, his work highlights his yearning for the inner search of his being through memories and dreams.

His portraits ask the viewer to watch the form being destroyed/deconstructed/melted, to distract from the original beauty. In the destruction he sees the rebirth, nothing according to him can really be alive without first collapsing. His work plays the role between beauty and chaos.

His creative process is based on accident and error. Marcello takes control to a certain extent but he then allows the destruction to take the reins. He says that his work has a life of its own and that to some extent he can direct the process, but what follows from there is almost divine intervention


His work has been exhibited in New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Prague and Bogotá. Marcello Castellani currently lives and works in the city of Berlin.

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