Geometric Artist



Geometric Artist 


Darren John was born in Aldershot, South East of England. He currently lives and works in London. His work embraces the bold, bright colours and forms of childhood creativity – vibrant imagery that is universally recognizable and impossible to ignore.


He believes that in life, when we lead with curiosity and playfulness, we have the power to truly expand our worlds.


Darren’s Mission:


As children we experience the world through a lens of awe and wonder. It’s a truly joyful time filled with adventure, exploration and curiosity. Without any preconceptions shadowing our mind, It’s a very honest and highly tactile way in which we experience our existence.


As we develop towards adulthood, our creative spirit can become curtailed as we find ourselves being more self-aware and more self-conscious. Our preconceptions of the world around us tend to guide our decision making and definitions of ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’ becomes the compass in which we navigate our experiences of life.


“For the child that has not learnt where the boundaries are supposed to lie, the imagination remains limitless.”


Darren’s mission is to make tangible this sense of unchained creative freedom and use it to encourage and revive the limitless possibilities of an adventurous mind.